Why Oxygen in Water?

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Ophora Technologies Water systems and soaking spas are filled with oxygen rich “living” water. Before the introduction of our hyper-oxygenated spas one of the few ways to add oxygen into the body was through the use of hyperbaric chambers. Other methods have not appreciably increased blood saturation of oxygen for sustained periods of time. Ophora water systems and whole house water systems stabilize dissolved oxygen in water. People who drink and bathe in the water we create absorb high levels of oxygen through the skin and through the digestive tract. This dissolved oxygen goes directly into the cells and tissues allowing for 100% saturation over very short periods of time.

Great Tasting and Oxygen Rich

We not only restore source water back to its natural purity, we restructure it the way nature intended it to be –––alkaline, mineralized, and ionized to be antioxidant rich, making source water once again nature’s most important nutrient. We take the pure water a step further by addition the healing and energizing benefits of pure oxygen.

Bottled Water is not a better answer. This is a largely unregulated industry and the National Resources Defense Council finding significant contamination in over 1/3 of the thousands of bottles of water they tested. In addition, the California Research Center found that plastic bottles leach health hazardous BPA’s linked to both breast and prostate cancer. Using glass or stainless steel helps eliminate plastic pollution that is caused by the 24 billion bottles that are discarded annually.

Ophora provides the world’s finest “health water” ––– for drinking, bathing, showering and swimming.

Drink Oxygen for your Health

Oxygen enriched drinking water offers several benefits. The main benefit relates to the health affirming aspects of oxygen being transported directly into the body through absorption on consumption. Water is essential to hydrating the body especially when exercising or playing sports.

We encourage you to do your own research. Please click here to download our research on the various advantages of Oxygen.