Ophora OxyLuxe Spa System

OPHORA Oxyluxe

Wellness spa

For those who wish to claim the benefits
of soaking in hyper-oxygenated water.

ABOUT THE Wellness spa

OxyLuxe Spas are at the forefront of oxygen intensified healing water. Now this breakthrough therapy can be experienced at your home. Our spa offers nano-purified, high stabilized oxygen levels that provide a 100% chlorine-free soaking experience. No chemicals are necessary. Using a proprietary combination of stabilized oxygen, hi-output ozone, UV sterilization, and H2O2, your soaking spa stays ultra clean and naturally sanitized. At these super-saturated levels of dissolved oxygen, all that is required for maximum therapeutic benefit is one 30-minute soak per day.
90% of the body’s available energy comes from oxygen, and active oxygen in water is readily bio-available. Studies have shown that soaking in water is the most effective therapy for oxygen absorption through the skin. Ophora’s spas deliver active forms of oxygen directly into the cells and tissues for enhanced well being. This soaking therapy can be compared to hyperbaric chamber therapy in effectiveness but is considered a more enjoyable, relaxing experience.

Ophora OxyLuxe Soaking Vessel


oxyluxespa01.gifCanadian Cedar Soaking vessel (6 person). Other size/wood type options available. Ask about pricing.




20 micron sediment filter


Ultraviolet Bulb

Spa System benefits:

  • Organic, 100% chlorine-free oxygen rich water for a healing soaking experience
  • Increases oxygen content of blood and tissues
  • Maximizes the immune system and stimulates white blood cell production
  • Improves chronic skin conditions
  • Directly and indirectly attacks viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Reduces athletic recovery time from injury
  • Enhanced skin cell metabolism for reduced signs of aging
  • Increased detoxification


Our systems have been designed for user-friendly filter replacement. If you would prefer one of our technicians to service your product, contact our service department at: 
(805) 560-0444