Ophora Drinking Water

Before the Industrial Revolution, you could drink pure, nourishing, oxygen and hydrogen-rich water from any fast-moving river or stream. Today, our municipal water delivery systems are over burdened with difficult-to-remove totally desolved solids (TDS), chemicals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. To meet federal water standards, municipalities must add chlorine, ammonia and other substances to our water that can contribute to, or aggravate chronic illnesses.

At Ophora Water Technologies we first nano purify our water. Then we use our state of the art patent-pending process for infusing high levels of stable and bound oxygen into our water, making it pure, alkaline, oxygen and hydrogen rich.

Essential to all bodily functions, oxygen generates approximately 90% of our body’s available energy. Oxygen, the most prescribed therapy in hospitals, may be nature’s most important natural medicine. Oxygenated water is a unique advancement in water chemistry, that through increasing the oxygen content of the blood and tissues allows oxygen to be more easily absorbed by our cells.

Ophora Drinking Water
While many water purification systems filter out impurities, only Oxyluxe systems can filter out all unwanted contaminates AND oxygenate your water.

Because hydrogen is a powerful antioxident at Ophora we Ionize our water to make make it hydrogen rich.

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Research and Published Studies
on the Advantages of Drinking Oxygenated Water.

“Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system.”
Dr. Parris M Kidd, Ph.D. author, “Antioxidant Adaptation” https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/c3b1/49b25120844091a90fe8c8b0859ecd970657.pdf

In 2001, German researchers showed that delivering oxygenated water into the stomach resulted in oxygen penetrating the abdomen and portal vein according to the known physical and physiological parameters of gas diffusion.
“Uptake of oxygen from the intestine.”

In 2013, Korean researchers showed that drinking oxygenated water helped to clear alcohol from the blood faster.
“Effect of dissolved oxygen in alcoholic beverages and drinking water on alcohol elimination in humans.”

In 2017, US and Irish researchers demonstrated in a randomized, double-blinded crossover study, that drinking oxygenated water enhanced post-exercise recovery via lactate clearance.
“Ingestion of oxygenated water enhances lactate clearance kinetics in trained runners.”

In 2005, German researchers demonstrated, in a randomized, double blinded, prospective study, that drinking oxygenated water caused a significant increase in ascorbyl radicals lasting for 14 and 21 days. Ascorbyl radicals are a reliable biomarker of oxidative stress. Drinking oxygenated water also lead to enhanced activation and anti-inflammatory immune system responses.
“The influence of oxygenated water on the immune status, liver enzymes, and the generation of oxygen radicals: a prospective, randomized, blinded clinical study.”

These results indicate that RNS60 (contains water, sodium chloride, 55 ± 5 ppm oxygen, but no active pharmaceutical ingredients) alters intrinsic the electrophysiological properties of the X. laevis oocyte membrane by increasing mitochondrial-based ATP synthesis. ATP is the basic chemical building block of energetic processes in the human body. It is concluded that the biological properties of RNS60 relate to its ability to optimize ATP synthesis.