Ophora Whole House Water Systems

Can you imagine having water throughout your home that has been purified, restructured and every drop infused with stabilized oxygen? Each Ophora Oxyluxe whole house system delivers oxygen to every faucet in your home at levels up to 8 times higher than tap water. Each Oxyluxe System RESTORES our municipal source water back to the way nature intended it to be. Whole home filtration means that you can say goodbye to expensive, chemical ridden plastic water bottles.

Oxyluxe Whole House Systems; Standard, Micro, Nano and Ultra models are the ultimate shield for your family’s health. Each system removes harmful chlorine, heavy metals and other dangerous contaminants, and can be selected depending on the quality of the local water and affordability. As you upgrade, level of filtration increases providing you with a higher level of purity.

The healing benefits of oxygen are standard with each Oxylux Whole House system. You will see and feel the difference of showering and bathing in our special water. It also tastes great and increases energy. Even your pets will be happier and healthier drinking and being watered with our pristine Hyper – Oxygenated Ophora™ Water. Our patented Oxyuxe system infuses each drop of water in your home with adjustable levels of 15 to 40 PPM oxygen. The unique benefit of each Ophora™ water system is that they bring much needed oxygen to every cell and tissue in your body.


The Ophora Water Experience

Before the Industrial Revolution, you could drink living, oxygen-rich, healing water from any fast-moving river or stream. What if you could drink the same spring tasting, energetic water from your home faucet each day?

Ophora™ water systems create quality water the way nature intended right in your home. This health enhancing water is endowed with the physical and energetic qualities necessary to cleanse and nourish your body.

Ophora™ offers a breakthrough technology, Oxyluxe that allows you to saturate your tissues with pure bio-available oxygen through your home faucets. Oxygen naturally increases hydration, enhances immune function, improves digestion, and boosts energy levels.

Today our municipal water delivery systems are overburdened with difficult to remove chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. The only way cities can meet federally mandated water standards is by adding more sanitizing chemicals, most often chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, and even arsenic. It’s no wonder that so many people are suffering from chronic illness and every day they take a drink from the home faucet they are putting themselves at risk.

Each oxygen generating system is paired with one of four distinct levels of filtration; designed to filter, alkalize, re-mineralize, ionize and purify your home’s source water. Not only will your dishes and clothes be cleaner but your body will be cleansed from the inside out. Ophora™ products are proudly manufactured in the USA!

All Ophora products are proudly manufactured in the USA.