Oxy-Luxe Organic Wellness Spa

Water is the carrier of life-force energy, and nature’s most important nutrient. Not surprisingly, our body’s two greatest needs are oxygen and water. Ophora™ water offers a revolutionary water purification system that consistently produces high levels of stabilized oxygen in water. No other water purification system can make this claim. [1]

Bio-Oxidative therapies, which treat the body with active forms of extra oxygen, are fast becoming a powerful adjunct to natural healing methods. Hyper-oxygenated water is a unique advancement in water chemistry that increases oxygen content in the blood. The Ophora™ Wellness Spa provides organic, 100% pure chlorine free, oxygen-rich water for a healthy soaking experience. Oxy-Luxe Spa Systems provide organic, 100% chlorine free, oxygen-rich water for a healing soaking experience. Our revolutionary hyper- oxygenated system introduces substantial amounts of stabilized oxygen into our soaking spa and this breakthrough technology stimulates the body’s oxidative capacity for energy metabolism, detoxification and immune function.

[1] Ken Guion holds the patent for stabilization of oxygen at these higher levels. The only other company with proven stabilization capabilities is Kaqun out of Budapest Hungary. Kaqun manufactures systems exclusively for bottling drinking water and for their healing soaking spas.

Oxy-Luxe Premium SpaOur Oxy-Luxe Organic Healing Spa Systems introduce substantial amounts of oxygen into the body through the skin and consistently maintains oxygen levels of between 30-40 parts per million activated oxygen—more than triple to quadruple the oxygenation levels found in nature.

A Luxury Spa with a Premiums Soaking Vessel

Our premium offering, this Oxy-Luxe spa system contains up to 30 parts per million sustained and stabilized oxygen in a stunning 5-, 6-, or 8-foot teak or stainless steel soaking vessel.