Truth About Salt Water Pools


It can be complicated and downright confusing deciding which pool sanitation system is best for you and your family. Many questions revolve around salt-water pools and the fact that most people have been led to believe that salt water pools are chlorine free pools. Salt-water pools are NOT chlorine free pools. A salt-water pool utilizes a chlorine generator that simply converts the salt in the pool to chlorine in the pool.

Conversely, our Bio-Quantum Purification System is a time tested and proven technology that uses a powerful combination of high output ultraviolet sterilization and high production ozone oxidation. This unique Bio-Quantum technology coupled with our proprietary Bio-Quantum Activator effortlessly and automatically keeps your pool or spa organically fresh, sanitized and totally 100% chlorine free.

If you currently have a salt water pool or some other so called chlorine free system and are still convinced that its chlorine free – Contact us and we will send you a free, complemantary, chlorine test strip.