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Add our Bio-Shower and Bio-Bath to any already installed fixtures for pure Ophora bathing water.


Vitamin-C replacement cartridge

Bio-bath ball


Our skin is highly absorbent. The excessive amounts of chlorine that are added to our municipal water supplies bond to our skin forming cancer causing chloramines. Hot water vaporizes chlorine which is inhaled directly into our blood streams. Over 50% of our daily chlorine exposure comes from bathing and showering.
Our Bio-Shower’s patented filtration media, chlorgon, removes 99.99% of chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and other pollutants that municipalities cannot. Additionally, it delivers an abundant supply of negative ions giving you a healthy refreshing shower: like standing under a waterfall.

  • Totally neutralizes any and all Chlorine in your shower water
  • Significantly improves the condition of skin and texture of hair
  • Releases exact amount of Vitamin C into your shower water
  • Integrated negative ion technology energizes water for improved hydration


Due to our skin’s high absorbtion rate, our Bio-Bath water perfection system removes excessive amounts of chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. Chlorine can bond to our skin and form cancer causing chloramines. Hot water vaporizes chlorine that we inhale directly into our blood stream. Our Bio-Bath is designed to remove the over 50% of our daily chlorine exposure that comes from bathing.

  • High-grade ceramic technology for long-term removal of chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
  • Suggested filter cartridge replacement 2-3 times per year


Our systems have been designed for user-friendly filter replacement. If you would prefer one of our technicians to service your product, contact our service department at: (866) 928-7247