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Image all your agriculture from plants to livestock being as healthy and full as they possibly could be. Plants with rich healthy leaves producing vibrant flowers and full fruit. Healthy animals that have better immune systems and quicker recover when needed. Our Ophora Agricultural System is designed to produce the highest quality hyper-oxygenated™ water for your plants and animals.

Well Water Issues?

Over much of the Western United States, and especially Southern California, aquifiers are rapidly being diminished by the long term drought. The average well owner is now being challenged by highly compromised well water. Total dissolved solids (TDS), chlorides, alkalinity, and other pollutants are adding stress to vegetation.

Long term solution?

With over 35 years’ experience in hydrodnamics, we are experts in engineering solutions to cost-effectively solve well water issues. If your current well is not performing optimally, or your well water is brine, or chemically contaminated, we offer the best, most effective cost saving solutions in the industry.