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OPhora Water System

Ophora Water Systems are custom designed to restore municipal tap water or well water to its purest natural state, delivering safe and nourishing water. Unlike other water purification systems, only Ophora water systems offer the option of adding health-enhancing oxygen for all your needs.

Our patent-pending Ophora residential water systems and Wellness Spas restore everyday tap water to its natural state. Ophora not only purifies but also adds health-enriching oxygen to your water.

Choose from our various systems:

Whole Home, Pool, and Spa Systems
Commercial Systems – Coming Soon
Agricultural System
Home and Office Point of Use Systems – Coming Soon
Health Spritz


Humans could once readily access pure, oxygen-rich water. But today’s tap water is polluted with pesticides, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. These substances can contribute to or aggravate chronic illnesses. While many water purification systems remove some of these impurities, only Ophora systems can remove virtually all contaminants, restoring your family’s water to a natural, healthy state.


Ophora goes beyond purification with our patented water oxygenation process. Oxygen therapy is fast becoming a powerful adjunct to natural healing methods. Oxygen naturally increases hydration, and has been shown to enhance immune function, improve digestion, increase nutrient absorption and boost energy levels. Only Ophora systems oxygenate your water, allowing your family to drink and bathe in pure, healthy, restorative water.

Essential, Micro, Nano and Ultra systems. Which system is right for you?