The OPHORA™ Water Experience

Ophora™ Water Technologies creates quality water the way nature intended. The Ophora Whole House water systems we create deliver spring tasting water into your home. Ophora systems are not your typical water filter. We create Oxygen rich water that hold the physical qualities necessary to cleanse and nourish the human body. Ophora™ offers a breakthrough technology, Oxyluxe, that makes pure bio-available oxygen flow through all your homes faucets. Some benefits of oxygen water include hydration, enhanced immune function, improved digestion, accelerated athletic recovery and higher overall energy levels.

Each oxygen generating system is paired with one of four distinct levels of filtration; designed to purify, alkalize, re-mineralize, ionize and purify your home’s source water. Not only will your dishes and clothes be cleaner but your body will be cleansed from the inside out. Ophora™ products are proudly manufactured in the USA!

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Featured Products:

Ophora Whole Home Water Systems
Ophora™ Oxyluxe Whole House Systems
With 14 customized layers of filter media and high levels of stabilized oxygen. This whole house water system has been specifically engineered as the ultimate solution to the substandard and problematic source water flowing into our homes.

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Drinking Water
Ophora™ Drinking Water
While many water purification systems filter out impurities, only Oxyluxe systems can filter out all unwanted contaminates AND oxygenate your water.

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Non-chlorinated Pool
Ophora™ Oxyluxe Wellness Spa
Our organic, 100% chlorine free, super saturated oxygen-rich spa water provides a healing soaking experience. Our revolutionary patented system stimulates metabolism and promotes detoxification and immune function.

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Client Testimonials:

My wife didn’t like soaking in our hot tub because she hated the chemical smell of the chlorine and was afraid of the health ramifications of soaking in chemicals. Our Ophora Oxyluxe Wellness Spa Spa System changed all that! Now we soak together nearly every day in our pure , soft, chlorine free water, Thank you Ophora Water Technologies!

Santa Barbara, CA

My wife always used to complain about the chlorine smell and the skin rashes she got from soaking in our spa. She told me that Dr. Andrew Weil said chlorine was a “health hazard.” Now that we have our new Ophora Bio-Fresh System we soak together in pure, soft, chlorine-free water each evening and I no longer hear her complain about dry skin and allergies. We love our Bio-Fresh spa purification system.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

I love my new whole house filter and water restructuring system: it fits right on the cabinet door underneath my kitchen sink. I was surprised after I bought it that I drank so much water. I really like the taste; and without trying I started drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day.

New York

This water is incredible. Ive never felt better. Its the premium fuel to help my body run the best it possibly can. Thank you Ophora Water!


I am over the moon with the taste of the water. I now drink copious amounts every day. The problem I had was growing up disliking the taste of treated municipal water. For me, the best benefit of your system is that the water, in addition to being bio active and pure alkaline, is great tasting. Also, my skin is hydrated and I look and feel so much better. It even looks stylish in my home.

Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been really concerned about the newspaper reports that identify all the pollutants and contaminants that are in our municipal water supplies, particularly the pharmaceuticals and hormones. Now that I have my new Bio-Quantum Whole Home System, I no longer have to worry as I now have Perfectwater flowing from every faucet in my house.

Boca Raton, FL

You just finished installing my system and I couldn’t be happier with everything. I am so excited that I purchased it! I’ve never felt better

Santa Barbara, CA