The OPHORA™ Water Experience

Ophora Water is the industry leader in oxygenated water for Whole Home Systems, Soaking Spas, and Drinking Water.

Our groundbreaking, patent-pending technology restores water the way nature intended it to be, enhancing its life-giving properties to cleanse, nourish, and heal our bodies.

Ophora Water's Ultra Whole Home System and Ophora bottled water are nano-puirified, alkaline, and hyper-oxygenated thus fulfilling the body's need for the pure, oxygen-rich water that has been a source of natural healing for eons.

Our water products for drinking, bathing, showering and swimming are proudly built in the USA.

Featured products

Ophora™ Whole Home Systems

Each of our four whole home systems are engineered with customized filter media to fit your municipal water report. All models are compatible with our cutting-edge stable, bound oxygen component. Our products are specifically engineered as the ultimate solution to address the substandard and problematic source water flowing into our homes.

Ophora™ Drinking Water

Ophora's water for wellness sets the gold standard for the bottled water industry by sustaining the highest levels of Oxygen in our purified, alkaline water. The combination of Oxygen and water fulfill our bodies two greatest needs. 90% of our bodies available energy comes from Oxygen. Our revolutionary technology infuses high levels of dissolved oxygen into your body at levels above 30 PPM.

Ophora™ Wellness Spas

Ophora spas are filled with oxygen-rich "living" water that has been a source of natural healing on Earth for eons. Our organic, 100% chlorine-free spa water includes the benefits of superior hydration, more efficient detoxification and increased energy. The therapeutic potential of the ophora spa is nothing short of remarkable.


“I love my new bio-renew water polishing system: it fits right on the cabinet door underneath my kitchen sink. I was surprised after I bought it that I drank so much water. I really like the taste; and without trying I started drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day.”

New York