If you enjoy a bubbly beverage the retains the same health benefits of our nano-purified, restructured & remineralized water, you’ll love our new Effervescence Sparkling Water Station.

Conveniently engineered into a manageable sized, counter-top appliance, now you can enjoy OPHORA sparkling water in your home. This self-serve system, in addition to producing chilled sparkling water, offers still room-temperature, and still hot water.


OPHORA’s Bio-Renew Under the Counter System not only purifies point of use drinking water, but enhances, enlivens and re-structures water for maximum health and wellness benefits. Most traditional under the counter systems rely exclusively on reverse osmosis (RO) technology which strips source water of essential minerals as well as contaminants while leaving the pH neutral or acidic. Our Bio-Renew System further enhances drinking water by re-introducing essential minerals, elevating the pH to 8.0-8.5 and re-structures to promote cellular hydration. In turn, transforming degraded tap water into clean, healthy vibrant water that closely resembles a pure mountain spring.

  • Purifies point of use drinking water to 0.0001 microns
  • Robust UV light sterilization
  • Naturally re-mineralized with essential minerals (Na, K, Mg, Ca)
  • pH balanced to 8.0-8.5
  • Incorporated water re-structuring technology
  • Energetically polished with rose quartz crystal
  • Plumbs directly into your existing water line
  • Annual filter replacement

Filtration Platform
17 1/4” H x 15 3/4” W x 6” D

Restructuring Platform
12 ½” H x 12 3/4” W x 8” D

Expansion Tank

15 ½” H x 11” W

Please Note:

The Bio – Renew  is designed to filter municipal (city) water. Submit a full panel water report for approval if you are considering an Ophora unit to treat well water. Questions, or to submit your water report, please email: [email protected]

The Bio – Renew needs to be installed at least one week after receiving the system at the risk of filters and membrane fouling.

Sparkling Water Station

Original price was: $6,499.00.Current price is: $5,999.00.

PRE-ORDER : OPHORA’s new Effervescence – Sparkling Water Station. Order now and save! Includes Bio-Renew and Shipping!

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Ophora Water Financing

“Thank you Ophora! My family has been drinking the Ophora oxygenated water for the past year and my 9-year olds hardly ever get sick now. A big change over the previous 2 years.

-Dr. Jeff Mccombs, Goleta, CA

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