Give the gift of pure water!

Nano-Pure®, Re-Structured®, Hyper-Oxygenated®, pH Balanced water that delivers a uniquely smooth and airy feel, award winning taste, and enhanced health benefits like no other water available today. 

  • Nano-Filtered To 0.0001 Microns for Medical Grade Quality
  • 99.99% Pollutants Removed
  • 40+ ppm of Bio-Available Oxygen
  • Re-Mineralized and pH Balanced to 8.0-8.5
  • Re-Structured and Energetically Polished with Rose Quartz
  • UV / Ozone Sterilization
  • Free of Chlorine, Pharmaceuticals, Fluoride, Nitrates, Pesticides, Trace Hormones, Heavy Metals, and more
  • Bottled in Glass for Non-Leaching Purity

Currently we only ship to USA via our website. For all international orders & for any questions about purchase or shipping please email us at [email protected]

To ensure your delivery arrives intact, water shipments being delivered to areas with freezing temperatures may be delayed.

Weight:  37lbs

Dimensions: 19 × 13 × 15 in

Our cutting-edge water technology removes over 30,000 known contaminants to deliver nano-pure®, hyper-oxygenated®, pH balanced, mineralized, re-structured® water. – The World’s Healthiest Water®

OPHORA Water achieves nano-purity® and balanced alkalinity using 14 levels of filtration to remove carcinogenic and other damaging chemicals from source water. Nano-purity® is just the start, stabilizing oxygen in water was the ultimate goal. Currently OPHORA Water has 4 U.S. Patents granted for its state-of-the-art processes that infuse high levels of molecular oxygen in water.

Hyper-oxygenated water, also known as oxygenated water or oxygen-enriched water, is water that has been infused with a higher concentration of dissolved oxygen than what is typically found in regular water. The process of hyper-oxygenation involves introducing oxygen molecules into the water to increase its oxygen content.

The intention behind hyper-oxygenated water is to provide an additional source of oxygen to the body when consumed. Proponents of hyper-oxygenated water claim several potential benefits, including:

Improved athletic performance: Some believe that the extra oxygen in hyper-oxygenated water may increase oxygen delivery to muscles, potentially enhancing endurance and reducing fatigue during physical activities.

Enhanced brain function: Oxygen is essential for brain function, and it’s believed that consuming hyper-oxygenated water could lead to improved cognitive performance.

Faster recovery after physical exertion: The increased oxygen content in the water may aid in post-exercise recovery by assisting with tissue repair and reducing oxidative stress.

Increased energy and alertness: Supporters suggest that drinking hyper-oxygenated water may result in increased energy levels and improved mental alertness.

Structured water refers to water that has been altered or “structured” in a way that it enhances its properties. Some of the potential benefits attributed to structured water include:

Improved hydration: Advocates suggest that structured water is better absorbed by cells, leading to improved hydration and potentially better nutrient delivery throughout the body.

Enhanced detoxification: Structured water has a higher capacity to remove toxins from the body, helping with the detoxification process.

Increased energy and vitality: It is believed that consuming structured water can boost energy levels and promote overall well-being.

Improved nutrient absorption: Structured water is said to have a more efficient structure, which may enhance the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat.

Better taste and smoothness: Structured water is often claimed to have a smoother, softer taste compared to regular water.

Reduced surface tension: Supporters assert that structured water has lower surface tension, which could make it easier for water to penetrate cells and tissues.

Environmental benefits: Some proponents argue that structured water can have positive effects on plants and agriculture, leading to improved crop growth and water conservation.

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Nano-Pure®, Re-Structured®, Hyper-Oxygenated®, pH Balanced water that delivers a uniquely smooth and airy feel, award winning taste, and enhanced health benefits like no other water available today.

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I just don’t feel hydrated without it – The taste of the water is incredible but beyond that it makes me feel amazing. I don’t feel hydrated without it.

-Bonnie C. New York, NY

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